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As noted elsewhere in this website once pictures take on these pseudo 3D frames, it indicates they have been auto thumbnailed meaning what's in the frame is just a low resolution representation o the actual picture which can be accessed and downloaded by first clicking on the thumbnail and then right clicking the actual photo that comes up and selecting "save as". Also onec again the disclaimer that if you are using an (shudder) apple computer then figure it out yourself. I'm a card carrying Microsoft Supremacist and why Steve Jobs could only imagine one button on a mouse is a mystery to all.

Also, most of the pictures that are thumbnailed have only been scanned, not cleaned up but easily can be with photoshop or other editing software. The main issue will be dust and scratches which is easily fixed on a photo and if you have a particular photo you'd like me to clean up for you just email me at and I get it done whenever I actually check that mailbox.

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4 H

Starting at what looks like prtobably 10 or so until at least 15 years old Bob  racked up the

rewards for 4H milestones and accomplishments. This is just a fraction of what he saved. 






No denying the business man in Bob. Selling his Dad chickens at the age of 15