When it was time to retire Bob approached the issue as he had every other major life event, with detailed planning. He decided to return to San Francisco, rented an apartment similar to w2hat he had lived in Redwood City from an old friend and transplanted the contents of his home from Redwood City to San Francisco. I would see him about once/year on average and made it to one birthday party but save for a 2 year stretch in the Presidio when I had my hands full with a hellion on wheels in the form of a foster son who I couldn't take anywhere, I haven't lived in the bay area since. We talked on the phone occasionally, he came to visit Greg, and I in Arizona, Healdsburg, and Eureka, and I would drop by when in San Francisco but otherwise didn't know much about his final years in the city.  He had been no stranger to the rest of my family when I was out of state and had flowers delivered to my Mom just an hour before she died, so we always kidded him that his floral gifts were the kiss of death.  As luck would have it I had a recurring temp job in San Jose from just before Bob got sick (on my Birthday 4/11/2017) till just after he died, so I was able to see him at least every 10 days or so and thus could provide a means for more expedient flow of medical information, but little else in that realm. Bob's was a case for which modern medicine had nothing to offer, a somewhat bitter irony since 2018 is going down as the year we cured cancer but probably not his type just yet. Thankfully Bob's support network was rich with friends both old and new whose emotional pockets were deep and everyone around him at the end provided such a degree of support that he wanted for nothing other than a wish that it would be over quickly and painlessly which was the case.

I hesitate to name names because of the ones I'll leave out. There's no doubt that his old friend Ken Zimmerman was steadfast and did the majority of the heavy lifting when it came to managing the last few months of Bob's life, and there was an unsung hero who lived upstairs, a woman whose name I'll hopefully fill in that fed Bob for those months. And, of course, Miss Kitty, Gunter, Bob Keislar, Bob's old friend and landlord, his nieces and nephews, and probably many others.  The rest of this page has photos from Bob's last 15 years - someone else will have to provide the narrative.





Bob did have a camera during this era, and I don't know if it was one of his disposables or perhaps his early digital sony, but there are lots of pictures like these with a bit of a fisheye distortion from the lens.











Once again if you have anything to add to this page either from the images section of this website or that you wish to provide send me an email.



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