bobs xmas tree bobs xmas treebobs xmas tree bobs xmas tree

This is Bob's annual christmas tree. We get a live xmas tree which I plant in the back yard every January but Bobs little tree fits in quite well with our other xmas stuff

I was driving back to Eureka in a U-Haul Van packed to the gills with household items. My mission was to nab the couch and NOTHING else! Phone calls, attempting to modify these conditions, were met with much more specificity regarding the precise definition of nothing. My moods ranged from defiance to terror tinged angst.  As I rolled the events of the last two days thru my brain's skinned media player, I began to comprehend Carolyn Zimmerman and her seemingly innocent encouragements. Oh yes, she would say, that would look so good next to its almost matching twin I had already been led to believe I desired. Or that kind of thing ALWAYS comes in handy. Ken Zimmerman, in the meantime, was laying low, seemingly processing items that never seemed to find a path into his car except for things that, upon the realization of futility at getting me to take them, amounted to a carload and off to the goodwill they went. It was late, and I no longer felt up to the 5-hour drive home and thought I best stay another night. Oh YES! they encouraged, you should stay knowing full well that the longer I stayed, the bigger the hole I would dig. Yes, they had my number.

Bob Adamich was a practical man and maintained his abode in a state of readiness for any contingency of routine nature. He, in fact, deployed the concept of redundant systems for everything. So almost anything you can imagine in a man's apartment occurred at least as a pair, and if its function was deemed essential to daily operations, he had several. There were about five watches, a couple of coffee pots, 30 spare light bulbs of all sizes, three high-intensity desk lamps, clocks, lots of clocks, a lot of artwork, though nothing fancy, 4 or 5 fans, a lot of dishes and glassware, shelves teeming with nicknacs but not crowded, rugs, 8-track cartriges, all the photos and documents seen on this website represent perhaps 2% of what was there, 2 cases of testosterone patches, sewing supplies,  a toolbox, a tiffany light ficture, suitcases, a couple of large plants, bar  stools, and that computer. Oh, there was so much more but everything I mentioned and again as much, was packed in that U-Haul going back to Eureka.

When I got home, late at night, I hid it all in our garage which was already filled with junk from prior household purgings. The plants were thoroughly destroyed in the trip for which I felt a bit guilty. After a few months, I began to reveal more and more of what was in the garage, and slowly we incorporated almost all of it into our household. I am now, as I write this, surrounded by reminders of Bob. The lamps are awesome, Greg had me mount Bob’s big ole mirror above our TV, and his plants which I thought were dead, have grown like they were on steroids, including his little orchid that Greg has already had to transplant to a bigger pot.

dancing flower                               

By the way, this little dancing flower; Bob had one in his window and then this one as a backup, still in its packaging. Thats the orchid behind it which by the way is even bigger now.

That scrawney rubber plant Bob had in his living room loves Eureka. We have it outside and it shot up like a beanstock taking jack to the giant. And his tiffany lamp is in our garage that has been turned into the latest rendition of the doghouse.

Bob with Greg and Dusty when he visited us in Phoenix around 1994